Item Price Description
Single Membership first year* $150 Single golfer first year
Single Membership second year* $250 Single golfer second year
Single Memberhsip third year +* $350 Single membership third year
Jr. Membership* $100 High school, or college to age 21
Jr. Membership w/Parent* $50 Same as above, and parent is member
Single Cart Rental $500 Year long cart use
Couple Cart Rental $900 Year long cart use
Trail Fee^ $400 Privately owned cart
Range Membership $100 Unlimited range use

--*Members receive discounted daily cart rental and range basket rates.
                 Ask about our 5 month payment plan.
^Carts may be used by the course for events where extra carts are needed. 

Private carts must be pre-approved by VaJoWa management prior to use.